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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little of this, a little of that....

Just a few things have been happening these days, on top of being overrun with babies that is!
Got a call for an injured beaver laying by the river. Turns out it had a compound fracture of a rear leg. After consulting with Tuft's, we decided to bring it up there to evaluate instead of euthanizing right away. Laurie and I drove it up there, but unfortunately it died under anesthesia when they went to examine it. Turns out the break was pretty old and they would have been unable to repair it anyway, poor thing. :(
Lisa got a call for this adorable fisher. She and Laurie got it re-hydrated and stabilized, then got it to a fellow rehabber that has experience with fishers.

Got an update from the rehabber and as you can see, this beautiful creature is looking good and is doing great!

Five new mouths to feed here. The ARL got a call for some baby skunks under a shed. The mom had been hit by a car the previous day. They managed to get 4 of the little stinkers on the first try, and with a little persistence from the resident, luckily managed to nab number five the following day! He was very happy to be reunited with his siblings and all 5 are doing great and cute as can be!

Remember Killer the little coon from River St.? Well he's much happier now that he has friends. He loves Sweetie!
A little more good news. About a week later one of his lost siblings reappeared laying in a parking lot near where mom was killed. He was not in good shape at all...extremely emaciated and de-hydrated. I got him stabilized and started him on a strict re-feeding program.
Killer was thrilled to see his brother! So much so, this fearful little guy did not hesitate to hop into my lap to see his little brother, and we have been best friends ever since! He's even sweeter than Sweetie!! LOL
It was slow going, but he is doing great now, and enough time has gone by that I feel it is safe to say he is out of the woods at last! He's the first one to the formula bowl and he's not letting anyone else near it until he's done! Great appetite, great attitude and he's loving life and playing with his buddies. I'm calling him J'adore because during his recovery, after eating his small meals, he would sit in my lap and look up at me with total adoration on his face. He adores me and I adore him......
One more new addition....a sweet little girl, Annie from Upton! The family that found her did a wonderful job caring for her until they were able to get her placed. She is very sweet and had no problem making friends with the crew! maybe some of the crew had to be a little wise about it! Sweetie here decided a couple head bops were in order! LOL Initiation complete!
The whole gang is doing great and some are finally weaning, giving me a little breathing room. I'll have pics of both groups up soon!

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