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Friday, October 24, 2008

More bad news.

Forgive me for making this short, but it's too upsetting to spend a lot of time on. Stormy's luck has run out. I got a call from Laurie Wednesday night....Stormy was out at the feeding station and she was not using a hind leg....bad like Roxy. So Laurie brought her into work with her and they checked her out. It was a severe break and dislocation of the growth plate above her ankle. We had to make the unfortunate choice of euthanizing her. Now she too is home again, overlooking the pond she grew up on, next to her sister.
Right now myself, Mary and Laurie are at the NY state wildlife conference. Had a wonderful tour of Hawk Creek Wildlife. I got lots of great pictures that I will post when I get home and download them! JoAnn is caring for Roxy at her house and taking the time to trudge over to my house to care for the rest of the gang in their various pens! I CAN'T THANK HER ENOUGH!!! This trip would never be possible without her. Already checked in with her and Roxy is doing wonderful!

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