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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The overwinters.

Ok, been really busy here! I also went to 2 conferences back to back so I've been away for about a week also. First I went to the NY state wildlife conference with Mary and Laurie. I can't thank JoAnn enough for all the care she gave Roxy and the gang while I was gone!!!! Then home and right back out to a 911 conference for work. Kudos to Laurie this time for taking care of the gang! Boy is it GREAT to be back! I picked up Roxy last night from JoAnn so everyone is back where they should be now!
Here is Roxy....doing awesome after her surgery. The staples are out and the dress is finally off. The incision healed perfectly and she is leaving it alone!
Today she got some outside time in the pen to exercise her legs and practice getting around on her injured leg. She was thrilled and enjoyed playing with some of the others.

Here was her opinion of the "dress" I made her! Is it any wonder I am not a designer!!

Now we have the young kids....Outlaw (complete with scarred nose), Charger and Button. They have settled in perfectly in the outdoor pen and are now weaned. Soon I will start giving them time in the 10ft side of the pen so they can get used to it and then have the run of the whole pen.

They are absolutely adorable! Here is Charger...

Charger and his bro Outlaw....

And the cute little Button on the right with her bro.


And last but not least, the big kids out back in the downtown release pen and loving every minute of it.
Tosser is getting big!

Mo gives his opinion of the cuisine!

The twins, Stinky and Nosey...


And of course our little Quinny. He looks more and more like Toto every day, and is almost as big already!

Rollo wouldn't come out for a picture...being a little camera shy right now. He's probably a little self conscious about his ear! The hematoma is almost gone, but his ear is a little "cauliflower like" now.

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