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Friday, October 3, 2008

The family portrait and more!

Well here is mom and her new family! 4 new kits to add to the cuteness factor out back!

Can you guess what time it is???? If you guessed FEEDING TIME you got it!

Little Quinny is getting big....and he looks a LOT like Toto!

Momo being silly as usual!

Toto likes to hoard the food by planting himself right in the middle of it!

Momo gettin' some mommy time! of the older girls, strikes a pose.

Poor Rollo still has a silly looking ear thanks to his hematoma. It doesn't seem to faze him at all anymore.

And just some plain old silliness from the gang......Toto.....



....Quinny..... of the twins, I can't remember which....


.....and finally Toto!

Here you can see how big Quinny is getting! He's about 8lbs. now. Toto and Rollo are about 10lbs. and the rest of the boys are about 12lbs. now

A quick visit out back turned up sisters Silly and Red, and they are still getting along very well together! Walking right up to each other and grooming one another. Feisty was also out with Siren. They appear to be hanging out together as well. This time the skittish Siren didn't panic and run. Instead she looked to Feisty and he often turned to her and reassured her in between cautiously taking snacks from me!

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