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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roxy's recovery.

Well Roxy has had surgery on her broken leg and is doing great. I had to improvise a way to keep her away from the staples and incision. This is her new dress! Pretty, huh?? I basically took the sleeve of a sweatshirt and cut out holes for her legs. I had to make it long enough so she could not pull it up and get at the incision.
When I am with her, I can roll it up to give her a little more freedom when she's moving around.

Right now she is basically resting comfortably and getting spoiled as hell! She has made herself comfortable on Laurie's dog bed in my room! She spends her time sleeping on the bed and at regular intervals I roll up her dress, put her in a crate lined with papers, she does her business and poops and pees if she has to, then I roll her dress back down and she goes back to resting again.

She is being incredibly good and luckily staying quiet enough to let the leg heal quickly. It won't be long before she's back to normal I think! She's a lucky girl!

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