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Monday, October 6, 2008

A terrible & tragic weekend in raccoon world!

Saturday was not a good night. Mary & I were grabbing a bite to eat when Laurie called. She was out checking the gang and Roxy came in injured. She appeared not to be using her leg. So we rushed back and luckily Roxy is a sweetheart. I had no problem getting her. Something is very wrong with her right rear leg....not using it at all and dragging the foot behind. But there are no open wounds which is good. She's got an appointment with the vet this afternoon and we'll know more then. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately after leaving Mary's tragedy struck our little family. Laurie called me, she came across a raccoon hit by a car about a mile down the road. I turned around and met her there, my heart in my throat. It had just happened probably minutes before Laurie drove by, and it was really hard to tell with all the blood and the dark. Not to mention the lack of life and character in the eyes and face, but it was a female.

While we were there another coonie kept popping out of the woods....obviously looking for her friend. I finally walked down toward it to investigate. It started running away, but then I called and it stopped in it's tracks. My heart sunk waited for me to approach and finally came over for a sniff and a scratch. It was Stormy. So the choices were Tugger, Growler or Thunder back there in the road. I still am not sure, but he odds are against us. I don't think it was little Tugger & I saw Thunder last night with Seeker. So unless Stormy happened to make friends and start hanging out with another wild coonie (which is a possibility)...I believe it is our little Growler we have lost. We'll be keeping our eyes out for the girls out back still in the hopes of ruling them out, but that's just the denial speaking I think. Either way, she is home now...on the hill overlooking the pond she grew up on.

And finally we get to our little Outlaw. Don't panic....he's doing fine! He's in with his brother and sister and they are all very happy! But he ended up developing a little abscess on his nose! A silly little speed bump thing! Well it quickly grew and just as quickly popped and he is healing well with hot packs and antibiotics.

So....we'll see how Roxy is this afternoon. Luckily she is being very cooperative and that should help at the vet!

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