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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 tiny meadow voles!

A woman at a horse barn brought Laurie 6 tiny (REALLY TINY) orphans. The nest was under a horse water bucket and the horse knocked it over, squishing a mom but sparing her tiny charges. Laurie has tons of squirrels so I took over the little things. We didn't know what the heck we had here! But after some research online I have discovered they are meadow voles.
As you can see they are sooooo tiny! A whopping 5 grams! I had to rig a nipple for them by cutting a 3 1/2 feeding tube. It's not easy feeding them with my fat fingers! LOL

Well it worked like a charm!! It didn't take long for their eyes to open and at the tender age of 2-3 weeks they are already starting to eat on their own! I put a lid down with a rodent chow/formula gruel for them and they came running! Thank god....that's going to make feeding time a whole lot easier!

They are the cutest little things and they grow so quickly it won't be long before they are released....probably only a couple more weeks! Talk about a whirl wind rehab!

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  1. I just found your blog when googling baby vole rehab. You are helping so many cuties! Keep up the great work.