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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Release site #2....done!

The second release site was a walk in the park compared to the first! We didn't have to climb a vine choked hill like this one for starters!! I held the camera level from where I was standing part way up to try to give you a perspective of the's quite a climb and it's still worse in person!
So you can imagine how great it was walking across this fairly level stretch of woods! BIG thanks go out to Andrea and her family for letting us use the woods behind their home!! It's perfect and there is a nice brook running through further back. On Thursday Laurie, Lisa, Andrea and myself lugged the cage etc. out there and set it up.

Friday Laurie and I returned to decorate and give it that "homey" touch for the gang! Trees, branches, hammocks, litter boxes and den box all put in place and ready for new guests!

Yesterday, Laurie's gang went into this pen.....6 of 10 of them that is. Four are still too little to go this year so looks like we are both going to have 4 to much for the winter off!!
One more pen to go!

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