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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spunky has apparently spread the word.

Ok....Spunky has been out there a while now, and I can only assume he told the entire rat world out there where the good food comes from after my encounter last night.
I was out there around midnight after work checking on visitors and leaving a little treat for those who do come. I've done this many times before and never had an encounter like this!!
I'm standing out there at the main feeding station calling for coonies and tossing almonds on the platform. By no means being quiet! I start to hear rustling in the brush....I figure some one's finally coming in to say Hi. Then someone marches over my boot and up the tree branch to the platform. But it wasn't a coonie!
Yup.....rats! Big(none were less than at least 6in. long not including the tail), healthy, cute, brown rats!
Forgive the photo quality....I only had my cell phone and a flashlight- I wasn't expecting any photo opportunities and I was so shocked it's amazing I even thought to pull the phone out at all!
Don't get me wrong....I KNOW there are rats out there, but never have they actually come in while I'm out there, yelling like a crazy lady calling for coonies to come and visit me! LOL
The first 2 brave ones.....
As the shock wore off, I watched and they just kept coming....a gang of them running right past me, up to the platform RIGHT NEXT TO ME (I could have reached out to pet them!), collecting nuts then passing me the other way. Back and forth this continued on while I was down there! It didn't matter how much I talked or moved around....they were unfazed by my presence!

It was crazy! This one actually took the time to sniff my cell phone before moving on past to get nuts! That's how close they were. Amazing!

Never in my 3 years of going out there has this happened. Like I said....I can only guess that Spunky was very appreciative of the second chance he got and has let his new friends know I am friend, not foe! ("....and by the way she has really yummy treats!! Trust me!!")

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