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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ellie joins the family!

Yesterday was a happy day on the heels of another tragedy in our furry family. A few weeks ago while checking on her release site, Laurie came across a coonie hit in the road. Like last year when we found Growler hit, it was the worst case scenario.....her baby Rocco. He's at peace now and like with Growler, it makes me feel a little better about it when I think he at least had the joy of being free and playing like crazy out there for a while!
So back to the release site to check on the rest of her gang and Laurie discovers Ellie holed up injured in a hammock in the release pen. The whole gang was kind of beat up a little, but Ellie pretty much got the crap beat out of her like Willie! So in she came to get her wounds treated. A clawed up face, (but nothing vital hit), a hamburger foot like Willie's and a tail with wounds and broken in 2 places! Luckily her foot wounds were better able to be fixed....they were able to be stitched up and closed for the most part. The pics are amazing and I'll post them as soon as I fish them out of my emails later.
Because of the tail, she will be staying the winter as well. We have to make sure the tail will heal properly so she can move it and so an infection does not go up the tail into the spine...... otherwise an amputation is in her future. Either scenario, it will take time to heal to know that she is feeling much better it was time to reunite her with her siblings that were kept behind and the rest of my crew.
I have to say what a wonderful crew these guys are! Her siblings of course had no problem welcoming her back and my gang was equally as welcoming! Maybe a little too welcoming since they all ran over to her at once overwhelming her a little! LOL But one little huff from her and they all backed off....I guess we know who's boss and everyone is already settled in like one big happy family again!
Hey...who's the new kid!

Ellie settles right in...checking out her new diggs....

The worst of her foot...a little wound on top and in between her toes.

Yes...definitely feeling comfortable....

JoAnn came by as well to spoil the crap out of her squirrels that are staying here for the winter. Yup...all those bags for 3 little squirrels! LOL She spoils her squirrels as bad as Laurie and I spoil our coonies obviously!

Now that the big indoor/outdoor pen is no longer being used by the last batch we released, we moved her 3 from the smaller outdoor pen into it and they are all settled in for the winter also.
A full house here...and soon to grow.We'll be bringing 6 possie's to join the zoo. The empty coon pen is bigger than what they are in now so they will be better off there for the winter. Who wanted a winter off anyway! LOL

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