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Monday, November 16, 2009

A weekend in NY and Baloo's group!

Myself, Mary, Laurie and Lisa all went to Lake George NY this past weekend for the NY wildlife conference. I was in a bit of a fog getting over a nasty cough and cold...but we had fun going to some seminars and catching up with old friends.....and even more fun doing some shopping!!
Back to the real world.....I grabbed the coon cam that has been set up at the Framingham release site. I am so glad I had it out there! All this time since the release and I only had that one run in with Baloo, RJ and Scootch a while back and have yet to have to refill the feeder. The first time the camera was out there showed only a possie and 2 other coons eating from it.
Well this time I actually had to fill the feeder. Our possie friend is a regular visitor every night even grudgingly sharing space at the feeder....with a little warning if one gets too close! Cooniebear the tailless coon and his friend are regulars as well. There was also a nice big buck who stopped and perhaps debated??
And then best of all!!! The whole gang shows up!! Baloo, Rosie, Scootch, RJ, Einstein and Flipper all at once! It appears they are sticking together out there too! I don't know what kept them away from the feeder before....maybe avoiding the other coonies while they get used to the area....but they are back and have appeared every night since on the camera which explains the bucket finally emptying all of a sudden! All I know is I am thrilled to death to know they are doing ok out there....I was a little worried after what happened to Willie.

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