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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Turkey Day to all from me and the fuzzballs!
I can tell you that Willie is thankful that his eye has finally healed enough to open again! It may be too scarred to fully open up again (the tissue around the eye, not the eyeball itself), but it's good enough to see out of and that's the important part! His foot is also healing well. One toe is stuck at a weird angle...kinda like he's giving us the finger with his back foot...but again it doesn't interfere with the function of his foot so he should be good to go by spring!

The rest of the gang came out to pick out a thanksgiving treat....their choice of holiday nuts, oh what fun....a toy and a treat all in one!

Peanut was too cute....he stuffed a couple in his mouth then grabbed what he could with his hands and waddled off on 2 legs to find a private place to enjoy his stash!

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  1. Hello, I see you are following my blog so I wanted to check your's out. I think the work you do with the coons is absolutely wonderful. It takes a special person to do this. We have a game camera too and we get coons in all the time. I have photos of turkey, coons and deer all eating at the same time. I even have a photo of a coon sitting and reaching out and touching the deer as they were both eating. I would love to send it to you so you can see it. I am working on a coon painting right now and it seems as though the coon painting sell quicker than any of my other paintings. Take care and keep up the good work.