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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The results are in!

Finally! We have the necropsy results on Phillip. Bottom line....NO INFECTIOUS PROCESS! That means no more quarantine....wooohoooo! It was most likely a genetic neurological process.
So that means the 8 younger kids have now been joined by Pansy, Drake and Quarry. Pansy is thrilled to have friends for a change and Drake and Quarry were more than happy to meet new ones. One big happy family of 11 now and I'm happy to say the younger 8 had no problem whatsoever welcoming 3 newcomers and vice versa!

So we have Pansy on the largest side, and Pip on the smallest and a hodge-podge of sizes in's quite the motley crew!


  1. Yippee!! I'm glad they can be out of quarantine and all be together!
    OMG, that fifth picture down of the little guy standing up (which one is that?) is just too cute. My ultimate goal is to make mine look as cute as that!!!

  2. That is the ever adorable Merry. It's Pip's bigger sister (but not by much!) They are both soooo adorable and very tiny for their age. I think they may end up spending the winter unless I find some miracle grow for coonies! LOL

  3. Oh....and your's are as cute as that! :)

  4. YaaaY!!! Great news, More Friends!!!
    OMG those pictures are just sooo great!!!