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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kidnapping coonies!

This past Tuesday I went over Laurie's and stole the 3 younger babies! LOL.
OK....really it was planned....they are weaned and ready for a small outdoor cage near the others so they can get used to each other. So I closed off the little outdoor section from the big kids. They were not thrilled about it! When I showed up with the babies this is what happens! LOL...they all squish into the entrance at once!Enter May, Amy and Moose!

They wasted no time climbing around checking the place out.

I gotta tell ya, it's so weird having such small babies this time of year!

Amy is the smallest girl but has the biggest attitude! Holy cow! Here's a perfect example....her body language says it all!
The encounter....she discovers strangers, the huffing starts and the ears (big indicator!)go down.

The threat.....her ears go flat, she lowers her head and begins posturing and snarling a little.

I mean business....she launches herself toward them snarling and nipping...showing no fear whatsoever I might add...just dives in! It's a good thing the wire was there.....for the big kids sake! Ha!

Then there is Moose......Oh hey there...whatcha doin'? Hehe....TOTALLY un-phased by it all! His ears never even twitched.

Then lots of play getting used to the new surroundings!

...meanwhile.......still squished in the doorway! LOL

They are doing awesome out there. The weather has been unseasonably warm so it was the perfect week for them to adjust to it. It will give them a little time to enjoy the pool before it gets to cold to keep one out there!


  1. The cutest humane rescue ever!

  2. Hahaha, poor big kids! I hope they can join the little ones soon and little Amy learns her manners. Such cute pictures as always!

  3. What a little ball of spunk Amy is! I think she will do fine in life!! They are so sweet- too funny that all the older ones cram up against the screen- were they bothered at all about Amy's show of "toughness"?

  4. Adorable. Don't you love their tiny and capabale hands?

  5. I just ran across your blog...very cute little critters. What do you do with them when they grow up? Guess I need to read the rest of the blog to find out..

  6. what great pictures...of these cute and feisty little creatures!!
    that Amy is something else!!...and the picture of all the little ones SQUISHED in the front of the cage...HA!! that's hysterical!!

    as usual...enjoyed the adventures... :]

  7. Hi Carol...welcome! They all eventually get released back into the wild....some more than once! LOL

    I think Amy is always going to have attitude!
    Kim it was the funniest thing...the older ones were like....dude, what's your problem, chill out! LOL They could care less about that little bundle of threats. One got her back though....she's missing a toenail now and the blood trail started near the window. She's learning payback the hard way.(and she's fine by the way too! It's a common injury)