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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The great blue heron caper.

Good morning Lisa! Hope you had a great Birthday weekend! Didn't want to leave you with nothing new to read! LOL After Laurie and Mary drove up and down Rt. 3 to find a great blue heron reported to be hanging out in the median of the highway, Sue and I joined them and we all sat out on Rt. 3 waiting for the State Police to show up and stand by so we could safely attempt to rescue the bird. During the course of waiting for a no show State PD, Sue watched the bugger fly off further down the median strip. We had to abandon the attempt as it was a very dangerous area....the thin median being between 3 lanes of highway on each side. If it can fly (in trouble or not) there was no way we were going to be able to corral it and catch it. More than likely our attempts would cause it to fly right into the traffic on the highway and smooooooosh! The only thing that's going to help catch something in this situation is one of those net guns. We have a call into the Animal Rescue League to see if that is a possibility.
It's absolutely freezing around here! Nothing new in Coonie Kingdom...everyone is hunkering down in nice warm den boxes....not even the sound of the back door is causing them to stir! It's not until I actually appear by the pen that the gang comes to life.....and I can't say as I blame them!

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