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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My new friend.

So one day a couple weeks ago I'm taking care of the gang and as I'm in and out of the shed where one of the little red's has been shacking up, I keep hearing a rustling noise. I don't think anything of it as I'm used to the little guy making a racket when I go in there.
As I'm closing up the shed for the evening the little guy pops his head up so I stop to say Hi! I couldn't see that well as it was dusk, and the color scheme was right.....but something just didn't seem quite right. So I go and grab a little flashlight to get a better look. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this.......
Pop goes the weasel! LOL!!!
We both stood there staring at each other like idiots with a "what the.....!!!" expression on our faces. It was priceless!
And to be honest I didn't actually get pics that first time. I had no camera or cell phone on me to take any.....but the little bugger came back and this time I had the camera because I was going to get some pics of LB and the boys! And another bonus....had some chicken necks with me too! Mr. (or Mrs.) weasel scored big time and got a tasty treat while I had the pleasure of being allowed to stand there and watch and get some good pics! Keep in mind it was dark in the shed and I had to keep a flashlight on him to get any pics at all so they are far from perfect......but awesome just the same!

I have a feeling he'll be sticking around for a while, much to the chagrin of the mice that have been living in there. In fact the mice are probably the reason he likes it so of their favorite foods after all. He doesn't seem to bother the squirrels much, other than taking over one of the red's nest areas in the shed!

He's a beauty great shape and so small! You don't realize how little they are until you see one in person. It's about the size of a red, only longer..... like the length of 2 reds put together. I think it's a short tailed, his tail seemed a little stubby to me but haven't seen any good pics of the tails to compare and know for sure.
I love my cool new friend......too bad I can't move him into my house to take care of all the mice in my walls!


  1. LOL- I get the mice coming in the house every winter too- we live off a field :) Your new friend sure is good looking- pretty brave too- but sometimes I think animals know a friend. He picked a good shed to shack up in for the winter, that's for sure!

  2. Be sure the mice stay out there with him! He is darling though...:)JP

  3. Now that little critter has to be the ultimate mouser! I'm not sure how good they are at climbing, but hopefully the reds can stay out of his (or her) way. ATB!

  4. Sheesh!! Been trying to get a photograph of one of these little fellas for 4 years now! You have all the good luck. Best wishes for a great new year......

  5. Kim he totally hit the lottery when he picked my shed....he'll even get treats! So far he has not bothered the squirrels....I have still been running into them also in there....whew! was so TOTALLY luck! (Good for a change!) But I'm thrilled and hope he sticks around! Happy belated by the way! ;)