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Friday, December 17, 2010

Updates on animal welfare victories!

Things are moving in a positive direction for the humane treatment of animals.

I think that if those that sill wear fur were to see some of the graphic videos out there showing where the coat on their back came from, they would be so nauseated as to rethink purchasing such a product again. I can not begin to put into words how disturbing it is, nor do I want to think about it long enough to try! Seeing the images in my head as I write this post bother me can continue to read here:

The Truth in Fur Labeling Act (H.R.2480) was unanimously passed last week -- December 7 -- by the U.S. senate and is on its way to President Obama for signature. This law requires all fur products to be labeled with the species of animal, country of origin, manufacturer and other information.

The problem with the existing law is the exception it allows for fur valued at less than $150. A label informing the consumer about the type of fur is not required. Many fur-trimmed items like coat collars, hats and gloves are below that price.

Those items are often mislabeled as faux fur, raccoon or coyote when they are actually domestic dog, cat, wolf or raccoon dog. According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in every eight garments falls into this category.

Read the full story here.......
Senate Passes Truth in Fur Labeling Act!

Congress Passes Fur Labeling Law

Another victory over another stomach turning practice by the many twisted and sick people out there! President Obama signs into law H.R. 5566, the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010.

Animal crush videos typically involve scantily-clad women or girls often using stiletto heels to inflict the torment to satisfy a sexual deviancy for viewers. The torture is intentionally drawn out for many minutes or even hours, during which time the animals’ cries and squeals are featured, along with their excretions of blood, urine and organs as they are crushed to death.

As you can imagine.....even more disturbing images bouncing around in my head! Time to go back to my "happy place" (if I can)! Read the full story and background from the HSUS press release here.

And last but not least! A long awaited update to the anti freeze bill I told you about back in March.....House Bill 4285, which requires manufacturers to add a bittering agent to antifreeze and coolant sold in the state to discourage animals - and children - from ingesting the sweet-tasting liquids was signed into law on July 19, 2010 by Deval Patrick.

We're moving in the right direction people!!


  1. thank goodness. I have never heard of those videos before but it sickens me and it sickens me even more that the torture of anything would be a source of sexual arousal to someone. disgusting. It makes me cry. I'm off to shower my pets with some love and affection and be thankful for people like you and others that work for fair treatment of animals. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  2. WHAT THE !!!!!????? I've never heard of these perverted crush videos! Ok, so now that it is officially illegal, does that mean we can set up stings to catch these disgusting deranged individuals"euthanize" them? GRRRR, ok ok ok....I too need to go to my happy place now.

  3. YES!!!!! I was appalled to read that things like that even happen. OMG! I couldn't even look at a video or read additional details because then I wouldn't be able to get it out of my head!...:)JP

  4. It is soooo appaling!! On the one hand I wish I was still blissfully ignorant to it....I wish I never had the awful images floating through my peaceful mind (it makes me SO ANGRY!)...and I hate to shatter other's blissful ignorance. On the other hand, it takes the outrage of many to make a change....if we still didn't know about it, there would be no outrage, thus the torture would continue unchecked. There is strength in numbers as these few victories have proved! Oh and just let me get my hands on anyone involved doing such a horrific thing!!