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Monday, December 20, 2010

LB's emergency!

This past weekend didn't go so well! Early Saturday evening I went out to take care of the gang and noticed something was very wrong with LB (Little Boy). He was vomiting and straining very hard and not comfortable at all! There are very few vets willing to even see coonies, and on a Saturday evening to boot......our usual vets just weren't available!
I separated him from the rest and kept a panicked vigil over him until Laurie returned from NH to evaluate him with me. Our thoughts were he was either blocked or obstructed.....neither of which he would survive through the night. There was no question, something had to be done now!! At 10pm Laurie made a desperate call to Dr. Schless who owns the practice Laurie works at.....Woburn Animal Hospital. She went above and beyond and dropped everything to meet Laurie and help our little guy. (while I had to head into work for a late shift a total wreck!)
Turns out he was blocked.....she saved his life, he never would have survived the night!! They managed to get a catheter in and empty and flush a very infected and puss filled bladder and Laurie set him up at her house to treat and watch over him.....keeping our fingers crossed because he was not out of the woods yet and Dr. Schless was going away first thing Sunday morning and wouldn't be around to help again.
Sunday Laurie and I took a break from our annual Christmas brunch at Mary's to go check on him and give him fluids. He was OK, but still no interest in eating and he still seemed a little uncomfortable. I did not have a good feeling about him....but he was stable and much better than the night before!

So back to Mary's we head for desert and gifts! As usual it was a wonderful day with wonderful friends (and AWESOME food! Mary you rock!!)
Mary and Laurie
Lisa admires her new rack! LOL
Sue made this AMAZING coat rack for Lisa with inlayed wood and squirrel hooks!
JoAnn is contemplating how she can steal the absolutely adorable coonie kit figurines Mary got me! Can't say I blame her....look how freaking cute they are!!

Unfortunately things just kind of went down hill from there. I proceeded to get a migraine and had to head home and became incapacitated. But I have the best friends in the world!! Laurie came over and took care of the crew outside for me and even lugged my garbage down my football field length driveway....while I lay on my couch drooling incoherently and unable to function.
When I finally came out of my stupor this morning I called to see how LB was doing. Turns out he took a turn for the worse again Sunday night. I don't know how she did it but Laurie managed to find a very nice vet willing to see him about 45 minutes away! They once again managed to unblock him, and though we're not hopeful he will leave the catheter in for the necessary amount of time....he stitched in there. This morning Laurie said he was feeling MUCH better and even began eating again....and so far, (fingers crossed!!) he has left the catheter in!!
So a major tragedy averted for now......he's by no means out of the woods yet. In cats this usually becomes a chronic problem. Should this end up being the case with LB, we may have to euthanize him. He can't be released into the wild like that....he would die a horrifically painful death. Luckily he's wintering over anyway so for now we have the luxury of keeping a very close eye on him and giving him a chance to see if this was just the result of a bad UTI and can be cleared up for good....or not.
To Dr. Schless and the other vet.....WE CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH! You are most kind and compassionate and spared a very sweet living creature from a very painful death with no regard for the inconvenience to yourselves. I am eternally grateful......................


  1. We too are truly grateful to the compassionate doctors and to you and Laurie- God Bless you all !
    The Morey Family
    Billerica, MA

  2. This may sound silly, but I am so attached to your critters and it just rips my heart out when one of them is suffering. I'm going to keep LB in my prayers- I add my feelings of God Bless you and everyone you work with to help these little guys. Wishing you a Merry Christmas ♥

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed, too, for little LB. You, Laurie and the vets are all amazing. Wishing you the very best Christmas, Robin

  4. It's heart breaking when a such a sweet, innocent, and helpless little being is suffering. And it's heart warming to know there are such compassionate people who go out of their way to help them. A big thanks from me as well - to you, Laurie, and the rest of the gang and of course the two very special veterinarians.
    I'll be thinking and hoping and praying for LB's full recovery.

  5. Thank you all so much! So far all the prayers are working I think! :)