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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday JoAnn!

Last night we had a little girls night at my place and celebrated JoAnn's birthday! She's 29 years young again! You wouldn't have know it was her birthday though....she did all the cooking! We had to agree to that to get her to come though! LOL

One of the injured squirrels spending the winter came for the visit as well. Here Laurie gets a touching gesture from her after examining her leg....awwwwww.

The tee-shirt says it all...Lisa is ready to go!

The birthday girl! We retire to the great room for presents and cake. One of my boys Marley tries his cutest expression to mooch some cake off of Mary! wasn't good enough though!

JoAnn and Mary enjoying some nice hot tea.

Me and the boys! Yes....they all think they are lap dogs, and no consideration for the rest of the company on the couch....they will sit in every one's lap! I believe Boo's tail was in the process of wagging in JoAnn's face at this point!

Awwww...Boo Boo and Bernard cuddle up...and yes, they are on my lap!

Lisa and Marley....not so bright eyed and bushy tailed anymore! Haha! The party has definitely wound down. We are such party animals!!!
Another great night with great friends...can't beat it!

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  1. I'd love to snuggle with those pooches on the floor with my new PJ's!...:)JP