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Friday, March 18, 2011

Peace in my animal kingdom.

I am always amazed by my furry friends! We already know from past posts that the coyote are not about to screw with the little stinkers.....and that they can, in fact, eat peacefully together out there under a mutual (albeit tenuous at times probably!) truce.
Though I am pretty sure a conflict between coyote and coonie would not ensue except under special circumstances, the coonies are smart enough not to push their luck it. (Any battle between the 2 would risk injury to winner & looser that could affect long term survival and they are both smart enough to know it! Why push your luck?!) The raccoons know when the coyotes are around and they make themselves scarce until they are gone.

Not so much respect for the red fox! At first, as all little ring-tailed piggies will do, they hog the food and chase them off! LOL

As time goes by though, even they can agree to co-exist under a mutual truce! And amazingly, we see the fruits of that understanding.....and I for one, am awed.

The little stinkers on the other hand are only sharing with the coonies because they have no choice! The skunks antics to attempt to scare off the coons are pretty much laughed at.....hysterically I might add, by the coons. There was one clip where a raccoon came in to eat and the skunk wanted none of it! He charged full tilt, tail held high, at the coonie. Mr. Coon proceeded to sit his fat butt down and actually looked toward the skunk like he was bored as stinky raced toward him. Just as the clip ended, so did the threat.....Mr. Coon obviously wasn't impressed and stinky had to slam on the breaks, his ass end flying into the air before coming back down to earth, as he managed to come to a halt within inches of the raccoon.

So eat together they do....because the raccoons love their food more than they fear the stink bomb!

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