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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Girls!

The girls (and Moose) are just on cuteness overload duty these days!! They are so very adorable and they know it! Of course Pip knows she's mom's number one cutie pie and wastes no time taking advantage of that! Kinky, Moose and May want to know what Pip is so excited about.
Merry and Dolci finally pop their heads out to see what all the fuss is about. Food? Is there more food coming?
Awww's just Mom!
Kinky came over to show off her newly injured hand. It happened the other night when Trouble #1 & Trouble #2 came by for one of their usual evening torments! It's bugging her enough not to use it, but it will heal up in time. Looks like she got it caught between something maybe?
May in all her cuteness!

And her sister Amy lounging comfortably nearby. I love it when they lounge with their legs sprawled over the edge of whatever they are sitting on!
Kinky joins Amy.
My lil' Pip! God she's the sweetest thing! (not that I'm partial or anything! hehe)
Here she joins her sister Merry who decided to come out and play despite the fact that I wasn't feeding them this time.
One beautiful smile from Merry (or maybe it's more like "Maaaaa...she won't leave me alone!)
Stormy and Moose preferred to stay holed up in the den box. No food, no fun! It was also a little cool and windy out too, so I can't say I blame them! They aren't really a mamma's boy and girl like the rest of them are anyway.
OK so I guess I'll say it one more time....are they not the cutest things ever!!


  1. they are! I never tire of seeing pictures of them :)

  2. This blog is more overloaded with cuteness than the Cute Overload or Holy Cuteness sites.
    Deanna, you're going to be a mess when you have to finally let little Pip go LOL.

  3. OMG I know! I already dread the thought.....!