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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

River.... again.

Upon hearing a ruckus outside, I went into the woods looking for the trouble maker. I'll give you 3 guesses who it was.....but you'll only need one!
A pleasant surprise.....I ran into Button while investigating! She definitely remembered me....almost walked right up to me to say Hi....but her companion was a little spooked and I think the swishing noise my coat made spooked her a little too. Vin had probably already done his share of aggravating them as well, possibly the reason for the ruckus we heard! Either way, it was good to see her looking just cute as ever!!! Vin just ended up back at the big pen harassing the girls again.
OMG, OMG, OMG...I am soooo not ready....but they are so damn cute I just want to cuddle them to death! I alluded to the mom with babies during Vin's escape, and I'm sure you've all been waiting ever so patiently for the scoop.
Well here they are in all their ABSOLUTE CUTENESS!!!
We have another River with us.....couldn't be helped...she came from a home next to a river! The usual gets trapped and "Oh my God....there are babies in there too!" These guys are about 1 day old(when I took these Saturday), bless their little hearts!
Luckily they come with their other than the pain in the butt of shuffling everyone around, my work is easy....just watch and enjoy! I managed to give them a quick once over before settling them in with mom....3 girls and a boy...and very healthy! So in keeping with the river theme, and in appreciation of a wonderful supporter.....welcome Tigris, Amazon, Nile and Howell!
I have not seen them since settling them is a FIERCE protector. She's in the indoor section so she's less stressed by activity going on around, but it doesn't matter. She hears movement anywhere near the door and she's there like lightning, snarling and trying to get at me through it! I have to check on them by sneaking out there and waiting quietly for her to shift enough to make the babies squawk a little!
Vin hanging around is not helping matters either. I'm sure getting the girls worked up is not relaxing the new mom all that much! I don't want her getting too stressed and hurting the babies.
It's pretty obvious by now Vin is here to torment me! LOL


  1. oh those babies are adorable- I have never seen a raccoon baby before- I did not know their noses were so long right at birth! They are so cute- I think I would be sitting out there waiting for a glimpse of them all day long!

  2. I wish I could get another glimpse! When I try to open the door a crack to get a peek in, mom slams her body against the door trying to get me and kill me! Even if I could get in there....I won't be able to see inside the den box without her permission.....and she ain't giving it!! At least Belle was kind enough to allow my presence in there to allow me the occasional peek at Bella and Macy when she fostered them. Just going to have to rely on mom to do it's all in her hands now.