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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of spring!

I knew it was a good sign when Hissy & the Missus came waddling over to me last week on my rounds! What a wonderful surprise...and they are sporting shiny new leg bands? I wonder the reason for that and I'll have to look into it!
Shortly after their arrival the waterfowl have arrived in droves!!! Tons of geese (including a raucous gang of 6 that keep bullying Hissy away from me when I head out there!) Luckily Hissy actually comes when I call him...I just walk around to a secluded section of the pond and call. He & the Missus eventually works their way to me and get their treat! The swans, great blue heron and multiple breeds of ducks are also back....what a lovely cacophony of sounds coming from the pond now as they meet, greet and pair up! Another sign....(aside from baby raccoons already!)...moms getting their nests ready for the babies! Every year this tree next to the squirrel shed produces playful families of young squirrels! Mom was very busy bringing pile after pile of leaves up the tree and into the knot hole doorway where she is standing in the last pic.

After all that work it was time for some chow at the feeders....and I got a good look at a very pregnant mom before she returned to sprucing up the nest again!
Despite the cooler temps and the actual threat of some snow....Spring is upon us, and that comes straight from the source...nature itself!


  1. It just snowed here this week- I feel for the little creatures in my yard that thought spring was here. The birds all looked like softballs this morning. I saw a big grey squirrel carrying things up into her nest on sunday and wondered what she was doing- never thought about babies coming- duh! Hope you don't/didn't get too much snow :)

  2. Kim I am sooooooo happy to report the predicted 4inches of snow passed us by completely! Yahooooooooooo! I am so done with snow!As it is the huge snow banks in my yard probably won't melt completely until August! LOL

  3. She really is round, isn't she? And where's her hubby while she's building the nest? Is he in his chair with the remote?...:)JP

  4. Hubby found out there were a bunch of squealing babies on the way and said I'm outta here! Thanks for a good time! LOL