North East Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Coalition is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. We are a group of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and these are the tales of the injured and orphaned animals we care for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The outside crew.

They are so peaceful and cute when I quietly sneak over to check on them. Just Soldier this time but usually I go over there and there are 4 or so of them draped the other way over the shelf with a row of hanging tails facing me. Looks like a bunch of carcasses hanging there! It's so cute and so awful at the same time!

Of course then one gets wind of me and ALL HELL breaks loose and it's a mad dash to the door with me trying to get in and close it behind me before they reach it! When I have food with me I can usually get half of the gang climbing up my body to dislodge and focus on the food. But inevitably there are 4-6 determined little coonies that have to be pried off. The 4 littlest ones....Lucky, Ducky, Pebbles and Porcelain are still getting a couple bottles a day, but the rest are pretty much weaned eating puppy chow and formula from bowls  now.

Doc digs in. The way her hair is growing it almost looks like she has both ears.
Even though the little kids are still getting a bottle, they are still eating the puppy chow too. Ducky even contemplated the chicken wing...but thought better of it.
Brim of the clingers!
Trooper and his droopy ear!
Pebbles visits the pool.
No second thoughts for Sammy when it comes to the chicken wings! He dove right in! did Soldier.
Porcelain wants to know  where her bottle is.
All the commotion attracts another very good mother....Ringer. I'm still not sure if she was interested in the chicken wings and boiled eggs the kids were enjoying, or the kids themselves. I was tempted to see if she wanted to take some of them with her! LOL
Lucky and Ducky enjoying their puppy chow.
Soldier works on his second wing.
Trooper shoving vanilla wafers into his mouth....
Rocco finally decides to take part in the chicken wings.
Lucky tells  me not to come back  unless I have her bottle next time!
And there ya have it....the outside gang living large!


  1. OOOOoooooohhhh!!!!! every time i see your outside gang...especially those little ones...i just want to grab them in my arms and cuddle!!

    they're so lucky to have you!

    how do you come up with their names? dumb question i guess...part personality...markings...??

  2. All different ways! LOL! I kept telling my first 2 little ones they were lucky ducks every day they survived....soooo Lucky and Ducky. Pebbles and Porcelain...well their mom was Stoney so I chose rocks or rock like names...Porcelain was white like a porcelain doll etc....Some come from their finders with names already like Pinner, Spencer & Rocco.....and some depends on personality....Soldier put up a good battle when refusing to take the bottle at first. Trooper came from the state trooper barracks....Chester was from Dorchester, Bama was saved by a guy from Alabama, Tumbler tumbled out of a tree, Springer was from Spring st and was "sprung" from between the walls of a house....are a few examples! :)

  3. HA!! thanks for how can you remember who's who...nevermind...i know...they each have their own personalities, and even though many of those cuties might look the same to ME...they don't to YOU!!
    keep up the GREAT work!! you are truly a life saver...and not the kind with a hole in the center...sorry...that didn't sound right either! :) you know what i mean! you do so much GOOD!