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Friday, September 30, 2011

Visiting the island.

Well, still no luck hooking up with Lisa to get the rest of the release pics, but it would be cruel to keep you waiting any longer for an update! Our trip over there on Saturday was a great one! (at least for me since we saw most of mine, but unfortunately none of Laurie's)
On our arrival Doc had been napping on top of the den box and there were obviously others inside.
Little did we know there would be so many inside! LOL It turns out most of my crew were in there....all but the boat babies....Doc, Sis, Soldier, Sammy, Brim, Spit and Rocco. They were very happy to come out and visit and were none the worse for wear.

Soldier (aka fat ass! LOL, he's huge!) again.
Trooper helps himself to some treats.
Sis chillin
Soldier in the hammock.
Soldier (top), Brim (left) and Rocco hanging out.
While we were out there 2 of the boat babies came in. No sign of any of Laurie's gang.....but they were a little on the shyer side anyway.
Then once again it was time to leave and we had to deal with the heart wrenching scene of them trying to hop on the boat to go with us.....
....then following along the shore and standing there watching us until we were finally out of sight.
Ugghhhh! I just want to set up a tent out there and camp out with's so hard to leave!
Laurie and I actually popped over there earlier this morning as well. Had a short visit with Trooper, Doc, Sis and Sammy who were all in the den box. We didn't really have time to hang out long or go searching either. Chances are that early in the morning they would be sleeping like the dead anyway and not even hear us! We're planning another trip over Sunday and hoping to check out another release site and even get it set up Monday if it checks out so we can get the second and final group out there!

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  1. CUTE!! i think it's been a while since i dropped by here...and after i saw their smiling little faces...i realized just how much i miss seeing them!!
    they look good...and they seemed SO happy to see YOU!! what a difference you have made in their lives!! :)