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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dumpster diving & other raccoon tales.

Laurie and I went out yesterday to check on what was possibly a sick raccoon that had been in a dumpster for 2 days. We stuck our heads in one very stinky dumpster to see a ball of fur curled up in one corner. A little poke with the net and a very beautiful head popped up to look at us. It's face was clear and alert. Whew! So seeing as Laurie was heading to work right after, I began to mentally prepare myself to jump in one nasty pile of garbage! Luckily though, we were able to manipulate the little fella with the net close enough to actually scoop him into it without climbing in. Once out of the dumpster it was very apparent he was very full of energy and uninjured. Laurie popped some sub q fluids in him and we opened the net and watched one very relieved raccoon bounce happily into the woods! Love the warm fuzzy feelings of a happy ending!

Later that day I headed out to take care of the gang and River and her kids were coming in for a visit. I put some food out there and ran back to the house to get my camera. I came back just in time to find one impatient girl raiding the shed! Bagged!! She made a less than graceful attempt to run out of there as I stood there laughing my ass off!
 Once I figured out it was the animal crackers she was after, I offered up the coveted snack as an apology for laughing at her embarrassing predicament. Surprisingly she didn't even hesitate to come get it right from my hand! They are used to me, but not usually willing to take things right from my hand. Apology accepted I guess.  :)
Amazon is River's #1....she's always with mom and is the first to follow her lead.
 The rest were content to let me throw the treats to them instead. They have grown into big, gorgeous raccoons! Momma is doing a great job.
 One of the rare shots of Howell on the left here. He's the shyest of them.
 The three girls, Nile, Amazon and Tigris with mom River on the right. Howell is actually there, he's just hidden behind mom!
 Nile (below) is a beauty as well. Similar looking to Amazon, but with more browns in her mask. Tigris is the shyest girl and reminds me of Stoney actually...a little bit of an attitude when they were still in the pen.
 As far as the gang still here. The little kids are growing fast. Houdini looks great and his injuries and feet are all healed up.
 Petey is a happy camper as well!
 Spencer is a very handsome boy.
 Pinner is big and beautiful and a brat at times!

 Along with Laurie's 5, this gang of 9 are adorable as hell! Sorry but of all the pics I took in there, these are the only ones that came out!! The camera doesn't always focus these days. May have to bite the bullet soon.. I intend to hold out as long as possible, but can't really have a cute blog full of adorable raccoons without the pictures, can I?

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