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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flyers, greys and a chippy!

This little cutie came in Friday to kick off the holiday weekend. He was found on the kitchen floor of a home. He was either brought in by the cat or simply found in the house by it. Luckily he was scooped up before any damage was done! No injuries and in pretty good health, he was sucking down formula like a pro by the end of the weekend. Lisa took over for me on Monday. She's got 2 boys the same she's got triplets.

The number of squirrel residents has increased as well. A brother and sister found by Mike on the ground while on a walk are doing well. The boy had facial trauma and a bloody nose and the female had no visible injuries but was hunched over a little. The flies had already moved in to take advantage of them. After getting warmed up, re hydrated, giving them capstar and antibiotics, and  combing the fly eggs out of their fur, they have improved greatly and are eagerly eating formula.

Both are quite comfortable now! LOL
One more little boy came in last night. He and his litter mates had fallen out of a tree. Unfortunately for 2 of them they didn't get the proper care in time. Luckily a neighbor got the last little boy, Acorn, to me last night. They hadn't been on heat and I think the fact that the neighbor blasted the heat on him and rubbed him to warm him up on the way over may have brought him back from the brink! Nice job!!! He's not out of the woods yet....but now that he is warm and getting fluids he is perking up and  I think he's on the way to recovery.
The beginning of the weekend also brought a chippy into my care. He was found by a huge uprooted tree and suffered some serious trauma, (most likely as his den was uprooted as well), to his face and head. Both eyes were swollen shut and his nose is still a swollen, blood clogged mess. After 5 days of critical care, I am optimistic! He looked terrible when he came in and just based on looks, my instinct was to euthanize. However he was actually pretty active and no other major injuries were apparent as he moved around quite well. I decided to give him the night so I gave him some pain meds and fluids and decided to re-evaluate in the morning.
Well lo and behold didn't he seem a little better! Despite his face looking like a train wreck, he eagerly sucked down pedialyte and anything else I would be willing to feed him with a syringe.  Although he is an older juvenile or adult, he is eating formula and loving it. I think his mouth is too painful to eat solid food just yet, although he has attempted, so he just laps it off the end of the nipple. He's feisty, active, eating like a pig and grooming his face regularly. Both eyes have once again opened and look good. He's cleaned the dried blood, scabs and gunk off his face pretty well, also, and although his nose is still pretty clogged, he's breathing easier out of it. Once I get a better look at any damage to the inside of his mouth and teeth and see how well the eyes are working I'll be able to make a better decision on his prognosis. Now that he's wormed his way into my heart, I can only hope he continues to improve!

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