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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A very foxy update.

Been working on my poor fox population here at home. I may have to resort to trapping. This one is not looking great, but not a bad as another that has been hanging out. The poor thing is very skinny and it's eyes are being affected by the mange now, but I don't see it regularly enough to get the proper meds into it.
My regular visitor is definitely reaping the benefits though. If nothing else, the mange is not getting worse and she's not starving! She checks the area I bait regularly so she gets occasional treats....

....and I usually get all the proof I need that she's eating the mouse with the ivermectin in it too!
Remember that awful looking fox we captured and brought up to Tufts? Well here it is now looking absolutely beautiful! Hard to believe it's the same fox. Pretty soon it will be heading up to Dawn's (where we brought the 11 kits earlier in the season) for final rehab and a soft release. The fox is doing great but the fur is a little sparse for going into the colder months so it needs a little extra support. It's much better off up there anyway! Good luck little the happy ending!

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  1. aaaaaw...poor little fox...but a happy ending for sure when you can see the difference in the healing of that last fox!! wow!! good work!! :)