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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some of what we've been missing.

Just a little of what we have not been able to see since the computer fried! Some pics of the big kids. Many thanks to James who managed to recover the lost pics! My hero!!

Isles takes a dip in the pool.
 Tumbler the Roman nosed coonie. You can kind of see the bump in her nose from her trauma in this picture.
 Chester enjoys some very casual dining, then decides to see if I just might have something better to offer.

 Bama strikes a pose, got it just before the trouble maker to the left of him pounced! LOL
 Sis is pretty much identical to her sister, Doc, with the exception of the missing ear!
 Sis hangs with Legend(right) on the tire...that's Trooper looking on in the background.
 Rocco takes a dip then lounges poolside.

 Du.....I mean Brim with those big ears!
 Soldier...that's Springer in the background.
 Troublemaker Trooper....yes, he is this years Vin!
 Sammy also enjoys very casual dining.
 Spit enjoys a swing on the tire.
 The dining common.

 A final pose by Sammy....who is HUGE I might add!
The gang is doing great and now it's just a matter of finding appropriate release sites for them. It's getting harder and harder to find them and we may be looking at some hard releases this year as a result. :( 
Anyone near the Boston area on land with lots of room willing to donate some space for a while get in touch with me please!

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