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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm an Auntie!

Being a wildlife rehabber does not, of course, limit us to rescuing only wildlife. (Thus my 5 cats and 3 rescue dogs!) If an animal is in need of rescue, we're there! It's a calling for us and there is no discrimination between species. Laurie & JoAnn often foster animals for the MSPCA and Pawsafe as well.
Laurie has had a lovely pregnant female cat for almost a month now. One of many with an upper respiratory infection that cannot be put in the population at the shelter, so they have to be fostered while getting treatment. We have been anxiously awaiting a birth, while also dreading it a little at the same time. The meds mom had to be on can be detrimental to the babies, and often they do not survive.
Well last week mom finally had her babies, so I feel a little safer giving an update!
Laurie, knowing the time was imminent, spent the night in the bedroom with her to watch over her. Of course mom decided to wait until Laurie had to start getting ready to go work to start popping them out! (and in the litter box no less...can you say messy!) No worries......she had her doting Auntie Lisa and Auntie Dee to head over throughout the day to check on the new family!! Here is the gang, just hours old!

 Momma had 5 beautiful  grey and the rest jet black like mom. Grey kitty is a moose! A couple of  the black ones were little, but all were nursing well and seemed healthy. I'm happy to report that Laurie says all are still quite healthy and vigorous a week later and eating like little piggies....with round little bellies to match!

Laurie says it's the best....having little babies around again, and the mom to do all the work! All she has to do is sit back and ENJOY for a change! Awesome.

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