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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daytime raccoon appearances.

Dandy roused herself during the day for a brief moment to say Hi while I was cleaning her pen. I got this quick look from her as if to say "why are you disturbing me?" then she went right back to bed. She's looking good!

The rest of the overwinters also seemed happy with the sunny weather today. Whitey, Screech, Daisy and Buddy all popped out to say Hi and check out the food I was leaving.

Whitey was the first to check it out.

Daisy made an entrance next and they both played with their food for a few.

Daisy decides to pass on the food I think! ha ha

Screech and Buddy find out the hard way they can't both fit through the hole at the same time.

It was a brief visit since everyone quickly decided they would rather be sleeping and went back to bed. Popeye and Foxy never even bothered to emerge!

With the weather starting to get nicer it's going to be time for this gang to start their next adventure and get released soon!

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