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Monday, March 3, 2008

Rare sighting!

I caught a rare sighting on my coon cam the other day! Imagine my surprise when I downloaded these pics and saw it! This is the endangered Wildlife Rehabilitator! haha Laurie and Lisa decided to have some fun with me one day while they were down taking care of the overwintering kids! Thanks for the laugh you guys!

Laurie and I, along with a fellow friend and rehabber Mary are going to the NWRA Wildlife Symposium this week. Lisa is going to babysit the kids while we are gone! Thanks so much's good to know they'll be in good hands.

It's not easy to get away as a rehabber because it's not easy to find someone to take on the babysitting task... so this is a special treat for Laurie, Mary and myself. But were going to be nervous wrecks being away from the kids for so long, so lots of updates Lisa...we'll probably use up our cell phone minutes calling to check on them!

Paleface is still out in the den box doing well!

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