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Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

What a terrible night of travel! After getting on our delayed flight, we proceeded out onto the tarmac only to sit for another hour waiting in line to take off! Instead of getting home at the reasonable hour of 10:30pm, we dragged our asses into the house at about 1am!

This is pretty much how I felt by then.......

It wasn't over there! We still had to trudge out back and take care of the overwinters in some very windy, cold weather. Some of the released gang was out there too. Red was there in her usual "I wanna play, give me some attention!" mood. What a great coonie.

No sign of Paleface in the den box since I returned. She must have just needed a temporary place to hole up for a while.

The overwinters were happy enough to have us back to poke their heads out for a visit before the wind drove them back into the warmth of their den boxes. Don't let the sun fool was cold, windy and miserable.

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