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Friday, March 14, 2008

Worried sick!

Got this picture on the 6th and have been wondering about this one since. It is not the angle, the face is "pushed in" like a boston terrier or something.

I was out last night and finally ran in to this raccoon, and now I am worried sick about her. It is definitely an injury. I think it is Dandy, but I couldn't tell because of the way her face is pushed in. It's like her snout got pushed in then up and to the side a little. I failed at 2 attempts to catch her! Once she was on to me and knew I was trying to get her it was all over. Up the tree she went and wouldn't come down again.

She appears to be coping with it...she's not starving and I think the actual jaw/mouth structure is intact. She just looks awful and sounds like a kid with a stuffy nose when she breaths. And she certainly had no problem evading me!

I waited for 3 hours for her to come down out of a tree, even though I should know better than anyone that you cannot out wait a coon in a tree. All I can do is keep trying and hope for the best.

While I was out there fretting over Dandy (?), Red and Paleface popped over to say Hi! Lots of others looking on from up in the trees, wondering what the hell I was doing but no one came down to visit. They probably though I would try catching them too!

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