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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Red wants to play!

I don't know if it was the warm weather or maybe Red is going into heat, or maybe she just missed mom....but she was VERY happy to see me last night! She came running down the path to the feeding station, chattering away when she heard me there. She got up on the platform and when I walked over to her she literally ran over and jumped into my arms! She wanted to play and be cuddled back like when she was a kit. Pretty unusual for the releases. They do remember me and usually tolerate me being around and giving them treats to check them out, but never a display like this. They never want to be held once they've been released back into the wild.

Belle was out there also. At least I'm pretty sure it was Belle. She came over to check me out briefly then went right to the feeding bucket so I didn't have a good enough look to be positive. Belle was on of the quads from my first release and they all looked alike. I know it definitely wasn't Ringer, and Brownie tends to be a bitch to most other coonies out there and she tolerated Red. Based on her attitude, It was most likely Belle. She just hung out and ate while Red was there eating in front.

So I finally had to sneak away from the area. I was afraid Red was going to follow me back up to the house because of the way she was acting. I waited for her to take a trip down to the waters edge and snuck back up the path wondering what had come over her!

I saw no sign of Paleface in the den box. She didn't poke her head out and I wasn't about to disturb her if she was in there by poking my head in there!

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