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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I think I embarrassed Rollo!

Well here he is.....Rollo the puppy dog! LOL! His left ear is the healed one, and the right has the new hematoma. There is no doubt I will always know him when I see him out in the wild!
He wasn't thrilled about me laughing out loud at him! He showed me what he thought about that and refused to come out and say Hi!

That's Mohican peeking around the corner. As usual, he wasn't about to leave the cozy warmth of the den box, even to say Hi to mom!

Over in the other den box Tosser and Stinky were the only one's willing to come out and say Hi. Quinny and Nosey stayed tucked away inside.

My boy Tosser! What a sweetheart.....he loves saying Hi to mom and getting a good chin scratching.

And Stinky was right behind him....lovin' those chin scratches!!

Then a big yawn and back to bed for them all....

Up in the main pen the youngsters are out and about as usual when there's food involved! Charger enjoys his dinner......

You call this food??? They were more interested in playing with the corn than eating it.

Look ma! Magic! You can see through my hand!
Outlaw waves what appears to be a transparent paw!

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