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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silly raccoons!

The little kids are in their usual "totem pole" position waiting for me to bring them dinner. Whenever I look out the window from the house the 3 of them are always like this....just like a totem pole.
The chow line!

What a handsome boy!

Not to mention a big goof!!! You think he likes his belly rubs??

Our little brushkin, Button.

You might think he's watching a scary movie....but he's not.

If your used to working with coons, you know how they always get that clump of food stuck to the roof of their mouth. Then they go nuts and claw at their face because they can't get it out. Then I usually end up sticking my finger in there and scraping it off.
Well not this guy! He sticks his hands right in there and gets it out!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....yup, there it is.......
......ok, just about....ahhhhhhhh, got it!

That's much better now!

Button has raspberries for the camera today..

Nothing beats a good chin scratching! (Except a good belly rub maybe!)

Charger enjoys his treat.

I don't know what got into the older boys out back, but they were full of fun and games! All 6 of them came out...all the way out! I was shocked. The twins were especially rambunctious. They wrestled like maniacs with each other, and with me, and with each other again. I was down there for about an hour hanging out and watching them, and they were still going at it when I left! Quinny and Tosser were also a little frisky and playful, but not as crazy as the twins. Rollo and Mohican came out but were not all that playful. Just had a bite to eat and watched the rest of them acting like maniacs!
Here they come......

Nosey and Tosser.

Nosey ventures over first.

Then Quinny starts out.

Stinky is right behind.

From her on Nosey and Stinky were wrestle maniacs! Bounding around in the foot of new snow, sniffing, digging, wrestling each other and just plain old enjoying themselves and the snow.

Quinny and Tosser did most of their playing up high on the shelves and branches, preferring to avoid the deep snow.
By the time I got these pics it was getting dusky out. I wish I could have gotten more of their silly antics because it was so fun to see, but unfortunately the fading light made it impossible to get any good was just too dark by then. I'm lucky these even came out.

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