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Monday, January 26, 2009

Rollo's ears & the blood trail.

Well Rollo has another his other ear now! He's looking more and more like a puppy dog every day with his floppy ears! At least we'll be able to identify him easily after his release. Very odd. Never had a coonie get one before and now I've got one that got 2 of them! I'll get him out when the weather gets better and check his ears again, but there was nothing inside causing a problem last time so I don't expect one this time.
I went out at 5:30 this morning before work to collect the coon cam. Whoever was hurt doesn't seem to be all that bothered by it. There was a VERY slight trail of blood.....(a tiny drop here and there that would never even be noticed if it wasn't on the bright white snow).....on the well traveled path across the pond right to one of the feeders. I can't wait to get out of work and check out the video......

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