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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a boy....for sure!

We had to get Jingles out again for some more sub q fluids and to check his body condition and make sure he was not too thin or we would have to wake and warm him so he could eat and fatten up a little.
He started out pretty calm and sleepy, but by the end of it he was REALLY pissed off! Even worse than the first time we did it! Who could blame him! We weren't just giving him fluids.....
....we were taking naked pictures of him to paste all over the Internet for everyone to see!! LOL! While getting a look at his belly area to make sure he wasn't too thin, we also got proof positive that he was, in fact, a he!

And now that he feels violated and pissed, he kicked and screamed his way back into his cage and is now peacefully sleeping in the crevice of his blankets!

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