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Monday, January 26, 2009

Video at the coon den.

OK! Finally got some video to work here. Sorry but it's just some short 5 second clips. I haven't figured out how to stream it into one long video.

We have at least 4....but I think even more...using the den. Based on last night video, I know we have Daisy, and what I think is a mom and her 2 kits from this past spring.

Here's momma saying Hi to everyone in video land! Smile for the camera!

Here we have the 2 kits I believe, wrestling with each other having some fun!

And here we have Daisy in the front, and momma walking over to her kits. See the way they act with her....she's definitely the boss, and they are happy to see her, not afraid.

Daisy and Momma get along well. Daisy on the left....I can tell her by the skin tags she had on the left side of her face. You can't see them here, but the clip just prior to this with these two, she was turned the other way and I could see them. I can see them in the video above also with all 4 of them.

Everyone that came and went in and out of that den appeared fine. Whoever was injured....if it was one of them, is none the worse for wear, and other than the minor trail I saw this morning, no new blood to report thank god!

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