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Friday, July 3, 2009

3 more in the mix!

Ok....Goldie & the 3 bears-Grizzly, Kodiak & Panda are fast friends with Razz and his group Diesel et al. Group chow time and playtime in the shed are a blast!

So now that River, Baloo, Scootch and RJ are now permanently in the smaller outdoor pen there is more room in the shed!

So the 3 little kids found in a driveway by a very awesome family in Framingham have joined the shed gang! Flipper (because raccoons do sound like dolphins, you have to admit!) Willie, and Einstein (not! LOL) are in the recently vacated pen in the shed getting used to the crazy gang. After feeding time for the others, they get their bottles and some playtime while the others are back in their pens so they can all get used to each other.

Einstein is more interested in the log than all the other coonies trying to get his attention!

Dad is busy working on another outdoor pen appropriate for the little kids....there are way too many for the smaller pen River & company are using so an emergency building session has begun!

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