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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disney World for Raccoons

Flipper, Willie and Einstein are finally weaned and in with Baloo, River, RJ and Scootch. After a few play days in there to get acquainted, everyone is getting along and they are now permanent residents with the older four and loving it!
River of course loves everyone and they were immediate friends as you can see here with River and Flipper....
RJ took a while to warm up to them, but since they invaded her hammock and obviously were not going to go away she has come to terms with it and enjoys playing with them now!

Willie was all over the hammock when he discovered it!!What a fun toy!!!

Goldie and the 3 bears and Razz and Diesel's group continue to enjoy their new big pen with all the fun stuff to climb and play on! They now have mosquito netting covering the pen and the bug free environment is WONDERFUL!!!-for all of us!! I've got more on the way for the other kids pen too!
Grizz and Goldie enjoy lunch!
Diesel has a relaxing meal.

Play time in the pool...before they all start peeing in it! Ugghh!

Pine cones are ALWAYS a fun toy!!

...and Panda is not about to share his!

Tank comes over to say hi to mom.

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