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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A raccoon's prickly encounter.

This is what happens when not so careful raccoon meets porcupine! This poor guy was lucky enough to be living in an area where the homeowner enjoyed his presence and loved wildlife. Upon seeing he condition he managed to trap him (after a skunk and another raccoon) and get him in for some help!
Waiting for the anesthesia to take effect.....
Finally asleep......the work begins.

He was VERY was dangerously close to his eye, and there were 2 inside his mouth! It's a wonder he was actually still eating out there!

Finally the quills are out....along with a few bloodsucking freeloaders....

And this big beautiful boy is looking more like a raccoon again!

He went home that evening and spent the night waking up in the trap and the next morning off he went. His benefactor says he is doing well and hopefully he learned his lesson!!!

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