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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Button, Outlaw & at last!

They are big and beautiful and ready to go so the door was opened and out they went! The weather finally looks like it may hold for a few day to give them time to adjust out there so it was time to say goodbye! When I caught up with them around midnight last night, Charger came and followed me around a little and I heard some clashing in the brush since the regular mom's were out with kits by then, but nothing nasty and all was going well!
Hey guys.....look mom forgot to close the door!
Quick! Make a break for it!

After running around the outside of the pen for a while it was time to let loose and play in the trees!

I am always amazed at their ability to climb so easily face first down a tree as Charger demonstrates here!

Outlaw checking out every inch of the area.

Button got a little nervous when she got separated from her brothers, but a quick peek from higher ground and all was well again.

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