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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tosser's visit and raccoons on video.

Out filling the feeders one day and Tosser was more than happy to see mom. On crappy days he seems to hole up in the den box on the top platform so when he hears me he pops out to say Hi (and in this case more like "take me back home pleeeeeese!") LOL

There are ton's of moms and kits spending lots of time at the feeding station. More like a social gathering place as well for playgroups with the kits. Red, Belle and Lexi were hanging out there together with more kits running around than I could count!

LOL! Apparently social hour is tiring on everyone! The whole crew on the top platform is out like a light! They obviously know they are safe here....and have one mom staying awake as the look out!

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