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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Funny smelling raccoons.

Well I ended up with these little stinkers the other day. Had to rig an enclosure for them because I'm so full of coons I don't have room! They are doing great-eating solid foods luckily! They were found with their dead mother-and I will tell their story, but if you are squeamish skip to the last paragraph, and skip the 3rd picture......


The babies were with their dead mother. She had been dead at least a couple days, but even in death she managed to save her kids. They were old enough to be eating solid food and they ended up surviving by eating her. As a result they were in very good shape when I got them and are now settled in with various (and better!) foods....puppy chow, yogurt, eggs, chicken wings and formula for starters. All eating well with good appetites!

Below is the picture of the dead mother....look closely at her neck. The plastic container stuck around her neck is possibly what led to her eventual demise but I have to admit, it was very disgusting and I was more concerned with getting the babies out of there and didn't investigate it too closely.


Another sad example of how our trash affects other living things! These babies were lucky-she survived long enough to get them to where they were eating solid foods. Others are not always so lucky, many dying long painful deaths that are followed by the slow starving deaths of their babies when they are not old enough to be on their own.
Please remember this when throwing out your garbage!! Skunks have short stubby legs that are not very powerful so when they get things stuck on their heads it is almost impossible for them to get it off without help! Those that are found and assisted are the lucky ones, other's like this mom are not so lucky, but this time her kids were....

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