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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Raquel update.

Wow....things have been so crazy around here I am just realizing I have not posted any Raquel updates since she came in....and a lot has happened!!
A couple days before the end of her quarantine she started getting ill and tested positive for parvo. A roller coaster ride later, she is recovered and doing AWESOME!!! Thank god! She is healthy, active and a little porker. It shouldn't be long before she can join River's soon as her next poop test is negative to show she is not still shedding the disease.
Until that time when she can join others to play, she gets some serious fun time on "the island" with mom. It's a little landscaped area in the middle of my circular driveway that is set aside as the quarantine play zone with bushes, trees and rocks to climb and play on and she loves it!

She is a total sweetheart and even enjoyed a visit with her original "dad" (the ACO who originally brought her to me) the other day because of course like all coonies do, she melted his heart and has him hooked! LOL

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