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Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Goody......A tree! (sort of)

Dad did a little landscaping around here the other day and yanked this big tree/bush thing out of the ground. Complete with huge clump of dirt still around the roots, it went into the pen with River's group. All I'll say is....endless hours of crazy fun!

A little break for some chow.....Rosie a little more eager than others feels the need to sit IN the feeder.
RJ scrounges up a morsel from inside the tire.

And the rest of them dig around in the logs and dirt for theirs!

I have no idea how the very plump River managed to climb down this's a very bendy type of tree, not really a sturdy climbing tree......

Willie thought he could copy River but it didn't quite work out as planned......A little help here!

Scootch, RJ and River

Baloo, Einstein and River

River looking up...OK mom! Enough with the pictures already!

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