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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 Skunks & 1 rat go free!

Well it didn't take long for the skunks to realize the bottom of their cage was gone and they could dig their way to China if they wanted!
After some stomping around and checking things out around the edges.... starts digging away and boom.....within 10 minutes is out like a flash!!

While he did some exploring in the area, number 2 followed right behind out the hole...

Meanwhile number one is thoroughly enjoying himself playing hide and seek in the ground cover!

No one will ever find me under here! LOL

The first 2 sort of rambled off in one direction. I felt bad for number 3 a little. Didn't come out for a while and ended up going in a different direction....I would have felt better seeing them all head out in the same direction-together.

So my stinky little friends are on their own now...good luck little fellas!
Spunky the rat was released the day before these guys. I took his little nest box and tucked it in a nice woodpile down by the pond where I found him. No cute goodbyes there....never even saw him leave because he wasn't going to come out of there while I was around!
4 down, 23 raccoons to go!

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