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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spunky's getting ready for release.

Well my little rat friend has done wonderful! Don't know what happened to him to put him in such dire circumstances a while back, but he certainly picked the right spot at the right time to end up. I am planning on letting him go next week sometime. He's big and healthy and growing like a weed and I never see him until I clean his cage so he's nice and elusive like he should be!

Once I got down to the last fleece to remove he had no where to hide and there was no escaping the camera. I managed to get off a few shots that were actually not blurred or just the end of his tail as he ran out of the shot! LOL He didn't make it easy.

He's now in a secure cage outside with dirt and leaves and ground cover instead of fleece blankets....just like he would have out in the wild. He's got a little box in there as his "safe place" and next week I'll take it, with him in it, and tuck it into the underbrush somewhere safe down by the pond and he'll be free to go!

1 comment:

  1. YAYY for Spunky!!!!
    What a lucky rat To be found by you...